When will the MBLR-15 be available?

We are expecting to have a target release date come SHOT Show 2024. Our goal is Spring of 2024 but we have decided that quality will take priority over deadlines.


How much will the MBLR-15 cost?

It's too early to give an anticipated MSRP as the production costs are not yet known.


What calibers can I use in the MBLR-15?

The MBLR-15 is using standard AR15 barrels and bolts, so if the caliber you desire can fit in a standard AR15 upper receiver and the appropriate bolt can fit in a standard AR15 bolt carrier, it is very likely it will fit. With that criteria in mind, there are 40+ calibers with thousands of barrel combinations in regards to length, profile, twist, gas length, etc. As far as how it will operate, there are many variables when customizing a firearm and we have not got around to testing these out to discover any nuances of each caliber.


What about pistol calibers and 22lr?

Referring to the above FAQ, most pistol caliber and 22lr AR15s do not share a common bolt carrier. While it is on our radar to offer these kits, efforts to produce these will most likely not happen until we are nearing production for the MBLR-15.


What AR15 parts are compatible with the MBLR-15?

There are many parts we are trying to use from the AR15 to reduce cost and increase the level of customization. Currently those parts are: hammer, hammer spring, disconnector, disconnector spring, trigger spring, bolt, cam pin, firing pin, firing pin retaining pin, gas key, barrel, gas block, gas tube, and pistol grips.


What about aftermarket fire control groups?

Due to the similarity of the sear (trigger in the AR15), we are hopeful aftermarket manufacturers will be quick to support the MBLR-15.


What about pre-orders?

While we greatly appreciate the enthusiasm and preorder requests, we are not accepting pre-orders just yet.  Please stay tuned.  We are working diligently and passionately to get this amazing next level MBLR-15 to market. Once we have a target date locked on, we will open them up.


What does the Founder and Patriot Tier apparel do?

The Founder and Patriot Tier apparel are the exact same products as the normal priced equivalents. The Founder and Patriot Tier apparel are priced higher for those who may want to help boost funding for the continued R&D of the MBLR-15. For that help, we've added a couple of perks. 1) The purchase price of these tiered products will be put towards the price of the MBLR-15 when it becomes available, either in the form as a coupon code or in-store credit. 2) Founder and Patriot Tier purchasers will be given early access to order the MBLR-15. In short, you effectively get free merch and early access to the MBLR-15. In order to track/verify these orders, we are requiring that you create and maintain an account to receive this perk. Please keep in mind, the amount that will be applied is ONLY the purchase price of the product and does not include tax.